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20th Dec 2016

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About This Weekend’s Cinema Releases


Ah, the cinema.

There’s nothing better than leaning back in one of those big comfy chairs with an oversized fizzy drink and salty popcorn (mixed in chocolatey treats optional) to enjoy some movie magic for a few sweet hours.

If you’re looking to make a jaunt to the pictures this week, we’ve rounded up a few good flicks that are well worth checking out…

1. Triple 9

Director: John Hillcoat (Lawless)

Starring: Chiwetel Ejiofar (12 Years A Slave), Kate Winslet (Titanic), Casey Affleck (Gone Baby Gone), Anthony Mackie (Captain America: Winter Soldier), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Woody Harrelson (True Detective).

Plot: Under intimidation from the Russian mafia, a gang of robbers and corrupt cops need to pull off the near impossible heist. But to make it happen, a cop has to die…

What it’s like: Heat, Training Day, The Departed.

Our thoughts: Great plot, highly entertaining stuff.

2. How To Be Single

Director: Christian Ditter (Love, Rosie).

Starring: Dakota Johnson (50 Shades Of Grey), Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect), Alison Bree (Community), Leslie Mann (40 Year Old Virgin).

Plot: A recently boyfriendless young lady has to readapt to single life in New York City, luckily she has an expert singleton for a friend that’s going to show her the ropes. 

What it’s like: Bridesmaids, He’s Just Not That Into YouPitch Perfect.

Our thoughts: Bad in a good way. Maybe.

3. Deadpool

Director: Tim Miller.

Starring: Ryan Reynolds (Just Friends), Morena Baccarin (Homeland), TJ Miller (Silicon Valley), Ed Skrein (The Transporter Refueled). 

Plot: When a mercenary with a black sense of humour finds out he’s got terminal cancer, he agrees to an experimental procedure to save his life and spare his future wife the grief. The torturous experiment leaves him gifted with incredible healing abilities but utterly disfigured, now’s he’s gone crazy (in a funny kind of way) and he’s out for revenge.  

What it’s like: X-Men, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Kick Ass.

Our thoughts: Hilarious and action-packed; surprisingly good fun.

4. Grimsby

Director: Louis Leterrier (Now You See Me). 

Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat), Mark Strong (Kick Ass), Penelope Cruz (Vicky Cristina Barcelona).

Plot: Football hooligan Nobby has finally found his long-lost brother after years of searching… turns out he’s a super-spy now and they’re both in danger. 

What it’s like: The Dictator, Ali G Indahouse, Johnny English.

Our thoughts: Skeptical, but Ali G fans will surely eat this up.

5. Rams

Director: Grímur Hákonarson (Summerland).

Starring: Sigurður Sigurjónsson (Under The Glacier), Theodór Júlíusson (Angels Of The Universe), Charlotte Bøving (Everest).

Plot: Set in a remote Icelandic valley, two farmer brothers who haven’t spoken in 40 years must set their differences aside in order to save their beloved sheep.

What it’s like: Pretty sure this is one of a kind.

Our thoughts: Arty as fuck, hipsters will love it.

Where to find it: The Light House Cinema, Smithfield.

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