5 Perfect Places In Dublin To Gaze Upon Tonight's Lunar Eclipse

This is ACTUALLY going to be awesome


It doesn't happen every day (or every night, in this case), so you better be ready.

The eclipse will be visible in the night's sky from 2am until 6am (centred around 3.47am), so we've picked a few of the best places in Dublin to gaze upon its actual awesomeness.

Have a look at our picks below:

1. Bray Head

Yes, we know it's not in Dublin. But it's only a 15-minute walk up to the top from the nearest car park, and offers sweeping panoramic views.


2. Phoenix Park

You could have probably thought of this one yourself, but nonetheless, it's flat, expansive and there's plenty of room for everyone.


3. South Wall

Views don't come more unhindered than this one, so if you can make it out there on time, you'll get perhaps the best seat in the county.


4. Sandymount Strand

Much like the South Wall, this offers unrestricted views out towards the Irish sea.


5. Bull Island

Ditto for this sandbank off the coast of Clontarf.


It's safe to assume the views from these spots will be truly phenomenal. It's also safe to assume your fellow moon gazers will be quoting this all night long.

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