5 Places For A Post-Marathon Feed, Within Falling Distance Of The Finish Line

Carbs, carbs, lovely carbs

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You've just run 26 (and a bit) miles, and you've never deserved food more.

But walking significant distances to get it? Lord no.

Here are four spots within collapsing distance of the finish line – on Merrion Square, right by Holles Street hospital – where you can refuel and replenish and bask in the glory of what you've just done.

1. 3fe

But of course. Brunch you'd sell your mother for on a regular day – let alone after you've finished a gruelling race – just a few short yards around the corner from the finish line, on Grand Canal Street.

All washed down with the best cup of coffee you'll get in Dublin.



1. The Pig's Ear, 4 Nassau Street

You deserve a good hearty feed after being brilliant – and The Pig's Ear is the one for you. The food is all trendy but filling, local Irish fare with a modern touch.

Bask in the glory that you have so bestowed upon yourself. You've run the bloody marathon – get yourself some duck.


2. Oil Can Harry's, 31 Lower Mount Street

Get the stew. Just get the stew. Trust us.


3. Dunne & Crescenzi, 16 Frederick Street South

Right next to the finish line, you can't go wrong with this beauty. Super relaxed venue for some serious Italian grub. Exactly the right amount of carbs and flavours for your beating heart and tired legs.

Do yourself a favour and grab yourself some bruschetta, the way it's supposed to be. Bread is your friend right now, you deserve it.

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4. The Punnet Health Store, Lower Mount Street

You need coffee right now. You really do.

The mixture here includes MCT oil, grass fed butter with a double espresso. If that doesn't wake you up, even after a marathon, I don't know what will.

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Additional research by Kate Demolder.

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