5 Unreal Places To Get An Espresso Martini In Dublin

Coffee + alcohol = yes

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I love an espresso martini as much as the next guy.

But sometimes they can leave a lot to be desired.

Depending on where you're ordering from. 

Here are five fool-proof espresso martinis you can get in Dublin tonight. 

1. Fade Street Social 

At €12.50 for an espresso martini it ain't cheap but they are seriously, seriously good. 

And on Tuesdays they're half price. Muahahaha

2. Sophie's

This Cuban Espresso Martini's made with Havana 7, sherry, cold brew coffee, caramel, chocolate bitters and splash of the black shtuff, Guinness.

Divine 'n' delicious. 

3. Pyg

2-for-1 cocktails aside – Pyg's espresso martini is absolutely stunning.

That deal is the dream – one martini in each hand. 

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4. Soder+Ko

This one's called the Fika Cup and is a twist on the original espresso martini, using Aquavit and chestnut syrup.

Soder+Ko are famous for this particular martini so be sure to add it to your list. 

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5. Bow Lane

One of the best espresso martinis around can be found at Bow Lane. 

The perfect ratios of espresso to alcohol with a lovely foamy top. 

You'll be caffeinated and tipsy – both at once. 

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