50 Reasons Why Trinity Is The Best College In Dublin

By fiodhna_hm

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


There's always so much rivalry between colleges in Dublin, so we thought it was time to set the record straight. Myself and a few of the crew in the office are proud graduates of Trinity, so here's the 50 reasons we think that Trinity is superior to all the other academic institutions in Dublin's fair city...

50. Because the BLU Library is an official copyright library - meaning they have at least one copy of every book published in the UK & Ireland ever, with the majority of books being stored in Stacks in Santry as they can't fit them all on campus. If you request a book in the morning, you'll have it by lunchtime.

49. Because Trinity College Catering are gas on social media, they're always doing giveaways and you can get a whopper dinner in the Buttery for under a fiver

48. Because you could feed and clothe yourself for a solid few weeks, purely on all the free shit given out during Freshers Week

47. The sheer amount of mischief you can get up to with so many tourists constantly floating around campus: photobombing, giving wrong directions, making up ludicrous fake facts - the possibilities are endless!

46. 1,960 students get to stay in the on-campus accommodation each year, giving them one of the most incredible city centre living experiences imaginable

45. ...and you could even end up living in one of the same campus apartments as Beckett or Wilde

44. Trinity Ball is Europe's biggest private party, and you can't beat throwing on the black tie before going to a music festival hosted on your college campus

43. Because €2 for a coffee and scone in the Arts Block cafe really sets you up for the day

42. Because we have some class graduates like Michael O'Leary, Paddy Cosgrave, Aaron Heffernan, and Jack Gleeson, but to name a few...

41. Because you can't beat the feeling of hitting the Pav at 1pm after one lecture, and still being there when the barmen try to clear everyone out at 11pm, and a plate of chips from the Pav counter practically counts as one of your 5 a day.

40. The Arts Block smoking area might as well be the focal point of the college - it's the perfect gossip location, as well as prime for people watching

39. Unlike other universities if you royally fuck up, you get 'freepeats' in August instead of having to pay a few hundred per exam, and also because our examination hall looks like this...

38. For the sheer buzz in the Science Gallery Café, surrounded by people planning cool world-changing stuff.

37. Because we were the first university in Ireland to organise a Jailbreak competition

36. A good meal is never less than 5 minutes away no matter what, with burritos, burgers, pizza, salads, pasta and so many different kinds of food places to choose from right on your doorstep

35. The small campus guarantees you'll run into approx 30% of your mates on your way to a lecture ensuring you're always later for your lectures

34. Only the smartest attend with 77% getting 500 points or above in the Leaving Cert. Of these, 63% had 525 points or above, while 46% had 550 points or above.

33. Because anyone in the Arts Block thinks the Hamilton is filled with gremlins who never see the light of day, while the Arts kids are perceived as absolute wasters who spend their days smoking rollies.

32. You become part of a network of 103,518 alumni who span the globe

31. Because the Museum Building is possibly one of the most stunning buildings on campus, and any student who has succeeded in finding the secret door to the roof knows just how great that view is..

30. Trinity gives you the opportunity to hear top academics and world celebrities such as Hugh Laurie, Al Pacino, Whoopi Goldberg and Chris Hadfield speak to students through societies like the Hist and the Phil.

29. Because every year Trinity's students pose in the nip all in the name of charity in the Cancer Soc Calendar

28. Because Arts Block chic, hungover mess and hipster chic all go hand in hand so you'll always look stylish no matter how wrecked you are

27. Because not only does Trinity have its own cat, but once when 'Trinny' went missing the whole college community banded together and helped to reunite Trinny with her devoted minder, John

26. Because we have an unrivalled number of student societies ranging from the functional, to the downright ridiculous - like Fish Soc, Trinity Entreprenurial Society and Trinity Knitting Soc.

25. With an income of 300 million and assets valued at 700 million, Trinity is a billion Euro operation.

24. The awesome sports facilities that people who haven't been to Trinity never get to see, like the pitches in Botany Bay

23. Because Lynn Ruane being elected as student union president shows anything is possible when you go to Trinity.

22. Because you can visit the Book of Kells for free, and even bring a friend if you're a registered student of Trinity

21. The whole campus is surrounded by pubs on every corner including McTurcaills, The Gingerman, Doyles and The Longstone - where you'll always be able to wangle a free platter or a pitcher of beer if your gang is big enough

20. Because they have one of the strongest LGBT communities in any university in Ireland

19. There is in excess of 220,000 m2 of buildings, including beautiful historic architecture and state-of-the-art modern facilities.

18. Because Trinity is at the fore of ground breaking development and research

17. If you wanted to you could go to a ball a week for about a solid 3 months during 'Ball Season' but you'd most likely fail your exams..

16. Because there have been so many 'Trinity characters' through the years, and when one of our best known characters Matt The Jap passed away, a letter of honour from Mary Mc Aleese was read out at his memorial service.

15. Trinity is the very centre of Dublin, halfway between Grafton and O'Connell Streets - being no. 1 Grafton Street and is just a minute away from everything

14. Because our RAG Week focuses on raising money for charity rather than going on the tear

13. Because DUCAC has over 50 sports clubs, and they range from rowing to rugby, cricket to croquet

12. Because our student-run publications like Trinity News and The University Times are really top class, and they clean up at the Smedias every year...

11. Because you can pick up The Irish Times for under a euro in our SU Shop

10. Because unlike other colleges you have plenty of space in which to learn in class

9. Because the 6 degrees of seperation is actually only 1 degree, and guarantee if you're looking to avoid someone on campus that's the one person you'll bump into

8.Because you could shoot a Harry Potter movie in this library

7. Because this Drone video captures how majestic the campus is, and is a clever ploy to attract more students

6. Because you can always eavesdrop on the Trinity Tours as you walk around campus and pick up some new bits of info you never knew before

5. Because every Wednesday you can get free soup and sambos in the Chaplaincy, every other day of the week there's unlimited tea/coffee and biccies, and the chaplains are some of the soundest people you'll ever meet

4. During Michael O'Leary's annual lecture to Sean Barret's Transport Class he usually gives out free flights to the person who asks the best question.

3. Because Trinity has a multicultural environment with 16,000 students that come from over 120 countries and even 40% of the staff are from outside Ireland. The huge number of international students ensures a very diverse and inclusive campus.

2. Because everyone knows of the 'secret' tunnels underneath Trinity but no-one actually knows how to get to them, and whether or not they actually do lead to the Provost's wine cellar...

1. And finally because no matter how long you've been away or how many years ago you graduated, whenever you step under Front Arch it brings you right back.