Enjoy A Good Flash Mob? Here Are Our Top 6 Highlights Of This Weekend's Laya City Spectacular

Colour us intrigued

Later this week sees the return of The Laya Healthcare City Spectacular, Ireland's biggest free summer festival.

It's running from July 10-12 in Dublin's Merrion Square. After having a gander at what's in store, we reckon this should be one to chalk down in your calendar. Here are our top 6 highlights of the Laya Healthcare City Spectacular:

Silent Disco Walking Tours

After being equipped with your own set of headphones, Guru Dudu will be your tour guide, the Australian funny man (a self-proclaimed expert in the opening of "laughter meridians") will provide commentary as he leads you through the city streets while blasting you with retro dance tunes and pausing the tour for the occasional flash mob dance.

If you're prepared to look like an ass in public for the sake of the craic, this is for you.


Learn It Lego

The festival is offering a bunch of workshops, our favourite has to be one that celebrates the best and most versatile toy ever: LEGO. The purpose is to introduce kids to engineering by discussing their ideas before helping them to plan and design them, resulting in LEGO chairs strong enough to take their own weight, 10ft high blocktowers, and the like.

Pro tip: Kick up a big enough tantrum and adults can play too.


Mike The Machine

That's right, we've included a comedy robot act as one of the highlights. Mike's act will show the evolution of dance and music in the square, all while making jerky robot movements... we presume.


Sing Factory Vocal Coach

Visit this fully tricked out mobile recording studio where you can record your favourite pop song and make a shareable HD video.

Note to self: find someone to duet “Kiss From A Rose” with me...


Eat Street

We wouldn't be Lovin Dublin if we didn't have the backs of all you foodies out there. Bringing that farmer's market vibe, there will be a host of food stalls in Merrion Square boasting the best in locally sourced, healthy produce. And when you've filled up here, we recommend you hit the...


Layabout Area

Perhaps our favourite part of the Laya City Spectacular is its Layabout Area (we see what you did there, Laya).

Has anyone ever looked at a sea of hammocks and not felt blissful? Don't miss out on anything this July 10-12 in Merrion Square.


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Seán Kenehan

Seán is known for eating, drinking and writing, making him uniquely qualified to work for Lovin Dublin. Seán enjoys skipping stones wistfully, puns that'd make a dad blush, and referring to himself in the third person.