6 Places To Eat And Drink In Sutton

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Sutton is the humble seaside town, located on the DART line, that boasts nice restaurants and cafés aplenty. Perfect for a day trip (or night away – as you'll see below), Sutton pretty much has a casual day of dining sussed. 

Trust us, it's deadly. 

1. The Elphin

Good food, great craic and super tasty fish – The Elphin has pretty much got it all in terms of seaside pubs. Its cosy while still feeling refined, and it shows all the sports you could imagine. 

2. Meridian Restaurant at The Marine Hotel

Situated in the heart of Sutton, The Marine Hotel is elegant without being arrogant, and ideal for visits of either business or pleasure. During the summers they host family BBQs on Fridays and their early bird is the same as the main menu – rare feat.

You eat with your eyes in here, and what a treat it is. 


3. Martello Tower

Okay, so this is neither a restaurant nor a bar, but it's something you DEFINITELY need to check out, should you overnight in Sutton. Voted as one of the most romantic bedrooms in Dublin, Sutton's Martello Tower looks like this on the outside...

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...and this on the inside. It's self-catering, and all kinds of lovely. 

Oh, and you get a 360° view of Dublin Bay, from your bedroom. Heaven.


4. Minetta's Delicatessan

Minetta's is a retro NYC and Italian style mash-up. Home to handmade pizzas, decadent sandwiches, superfood salads and the best treats around – this place doesn't mess around when it comes to lunch.


5. Coast View Café

This is where you go for truly deadly cup of coffee. They also offer an express service, meaning you can skip the queues by texting them your order in advance. More coffee and less people, these guys have it sussed. 

Coast View

6. Golden Elephant

The tastiest Chinese restaurant around, Golden Elephant dishes out some truly tasty dishes, at very reasonable prices. Its proximity to the sea means that the fish dishes are out-of-this-world, and when Chinese New Year comes around, they celebrate in style. 

Olden Elephant

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