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20th Dec 2016

8 Awesome Restaurants For Coeliacs In Dublin


I don’t know if you’ve noticed but every man and his dog seems to be a coeliac these days. As Alex said to me on Twitter it nearly seems to be a pre-requisite to becoming a hipster these days along with having a Fixie bike and a beard. Ask any of our parents and they wouldn’t even have know what the word coeliac meant up until a few years ago but with more and more people suffering from it restaurants are starting to cater for coeliacs. When you think about it not being able to eat things like sandwiches, pasta, noodles, pizza or even sausages really is hell on earth so it is only right that restaurants are starting to offer up some tasty alternatives. Here are 8 of the best…


You certainly wouldn’t expect fish and chips to be coeliac friendly but the guys in Beshoffs ensure that there is no flour in their batter and that the chips are not contaminated in anyway. A super treat for anybody suffering. 



Up until recently if you were a coeliac you would just be told to have the burger without the bun but places like Bunsen are catering to the minority now with baps that are coeliac friendly which means you can all enjoy these amazing burgers on Dublin’s Camden Street. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 09.17.02


Not only does Manifesto serve up what I would consider to be more or less the best pizza in Dublin but they also have a coeliac friendly version which gets rave reviews. Being able to eat a decent pizza is about as good as it gets for a coeliac.



The whole restaurant isn’t coeliac friendly but their menus are clearly marked to cater for all sorts of allergies and there are a large variety of dishes that are coeliac friendly. Always busy at the weekends but some great value at lunch time


Rustic Stone

It isn’t one of my favorite restaurant in town in terms of who owns it but they have always been very good at marking up their menu and ingredients to cater for various allergies and for coeliacs. Because the menu is so large and extensive there are an endless list of choices here. 



Not only do they have coeliac information on the menu but the nature of Japanese food means that there is a huge range of dishes here that you are going to be able to eat. There are a couple of locations on George’s street and another down on the quays so you have lots of options.


The Port House

When I asked all our followers over on Twitter there was one place that kept getting mentioned by coeliacs themselves and it was the Port House. The tapas restaurant has locations on South William Street and one down in Temple bar and with bite size tapas you can taste lots of different options. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 22.26.23

Montys Of Kathmandu

Montys is a traditional and authentic Nepalese Restaurant which has some of the tastiest curries and vegetable dishes and a simple nod to the waiting staff and they will make sure that they are all coeliac friendly for you. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 22.35.32

The View From Twitter

I’m not a coeliac myself so I decided to ask people on Twitter who would have some cool suggestions and here is what people came back with. Feel free to add more in the comments below if you know a restaurant or even own somewhere that focuses on coeliac friendly dishes.