6 Places To Have A Gorgeous Slice Of Cake In Dublin This Weekend

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Is there anything better in the entire world than a big dirty slice of cake and a lovely hot cup of tea on your days off?

I don't even fucking drink tea, but stick a slice of something sweet in front of me after a long hard week, and you've a match made in heaven. Like most capital cities, there are a bunch of places where you can get a good slice, but nearly as many where the cakes served up are totally bland.

I've never been let down by the places on this list, and I've also never had a harder post to write in terms of the amount of drool I've had to clean up off the keyboard.

Find a friend, cancel the diet (again) until Monday and head out to one of these places for a lovely big slice of cake and a cuppa.

1. Queen Of Tarts


Has to be the first on the list.

One of the best names for a café you'll ever hear, and although they do a great brunch and a bunch of other food, it's the cakes that will keep you coming back. Usually packed to the rafters, but well worth the wait.

2. Avoca

Every time you turn around they've opened a new venue, and with Avocas dotted around the north and south of the city, you're always close to a slice of their pure goodness.

The portions here are so big that you could nearly feed four people for a week with one of their desserts. Not for the faint-hearted.


3. Cake Café

Tucked in off Camden Street, they've some amazing salads, a lovely terrace, and (as the name would suggest) some delicious homemade cakes.

They don't go crazy with the toppings or make them all showy, but they make up for that lack of flashiness by tasting insanely good.

4. Lolly And Cooks

This started off as a small stand in George's Street arcade, but their shop on Merrion Row is where the main action is at these days. They do a great cupcake and some delicious smaller cakes, which go perfectly with their gorgeous coffees.


5. Le Petit Parisien

A tight little shop on Wicklow street that has a window full of cakes, and once you discover this place you'll find it nearly impossible to walk past without popping in. Always hard to get a table with shoppers on the nearby Grafton Street, but I urge you to try.

6. KC Peaches

Started off as a modest café down on Pearse Street, but after a couple more locations were opened on Nassau Street and Dame Street, it quickly became one of the city's best places to get a large slice of something sweet.

Also, it's a great spot to watch all the busy people of the capital rushing by. Perfect for a lazy weekend.