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20th Oct 2017

6 Places In Dublin Where You Can Get A Great Bowl Of Soup


Sure, you have your salads and your sandwiches. But nothing will warm you up or make you feel better than a good old soup.

And it’s not exactly warm out there today. 

Here are some of the best places in Dublin to soothe your soup craving. Go grab life by the spoon.

1. Soup Dragon

This place has 12 different types of soup on offer, from roasted red pepper, tomato & goat’s cheese, to Thai green chicken curry. So delish. 

Soup Dragon 2

2. Cornucopia

Cornucopia’s menu changes daily, but they always have two great soups on offer, with options like sweet potato, butterbean and roast garlic, and roast pepper, coconut and basil.


3. Pepper Pot

Pepper Pot change their soup every day, but they’re always fab. Their mushroom and blue cheese soup is especially good.

Pepper Pot 2

4. Blazing Salads

Blazing Salads have three daily soups, but their miso soup is a constant and it’s delicious.

Blazing Salads

5. Aobaba

For those wanting something heartier, you can get ph?, a clear broth with vegetables and noodles.


6. Mish Mash

This little café on Capel Street always does amazing healthy soups. Below is chunky red lentil and sweet potato.

Mish Mash

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