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18th Mar 2017

7 Places To Enjoy A Massive Irish Feed Over Paddy’s Weekend

Alana Laverty

Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Turkish, Vietnamese…

You name the cuisine — we probably love it. 

But for the week that’s in it, we’re going back to our roots and feasting on massive Irish feeds only. 

Here’s where to get ’em:

1. O’Neills Pub — Suffolk Street, Dublin 2 

O’Neills offer one of the most reliable feeds in all of Dublin, and possibly Ireland. 

Their carvery counter is a thing of beauty. Golden mash, rich gravy, glowing veg and endless hunks of meat. 

2. Gerry’s — Montague Street

If it’s a proper feed you’re after, this is where you’ll find it. 

No questions about it. This is as Irish as grub gets.

From fry-ups to roasts — you name it, Gerry’s has got it. 

3. Kenny’s of Lucan 

A proper old-school, delicious meal. 

Kenny’s is a family-run business that has been around for generations and is known for serving up high-quality, hearty and meaty meals. 

This is traditional Irish bar food at its best.

7 Main Street, Lucan, Co. Dublin 

4. The Goat — Goatstown

The Goat on Kilmacud Road is well-known for its massive roast. In fact, it has quite the cult following.

Their bangers and mash are also out of this world — the perfect base for a feed of pints.

5. The Portobello Bar, South Richmond Street

The Portobello Bar is frequently commended for its portion sizes, and offers delicious roast pork and LOADS of potatoes. 

Also, pints are €4. 

All. Day.

6. Copper Face Jack’s Nightclub, Harcourt Street

On Friday? When you’re out? Don’t even bother going home. Just hang around until they start serving food. 

Be grand. 

You can try and turn your nose up at a Copper’s carvery, but at €8.50, you’d be wrong to.

Screen Shot 2015 12 23 At 13 21 51

7. The 51 Bar, 51 Haddington Road, Dublin

Ok, so this is a little bit over a tenner, but it was nominated for Great Carvery Pub of the Year, so we’ll leave them off.

There’s whopper choice here — chicken, turkey, beef and fish cakes — and pints are €4 Sunday to Wednesday.

*books table immediately*

*skips into a food coma with glee*

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