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20th Dec 2016

7 Savage Takeaways To Blissfully End Your Weekend

Alana Laverty

Do you keep opening and closing the door of your empty fridge?

Is your belly making loud growling noise and feeling startlingly empty?

And are you losing the will to go on?

Don’t be scared, we have just the thing for you. A takeaway! 

1. Fish ‘n’ chips, Burdock’s

There’s nothing as comforting as a box filled with golden fried fish and greasy chips.

Like, honestly. You will feel warm and fuzzy and happy, forever. It will make you forget all about that looming, doom-filled Monday. 

2. Spice bag, Shang Hai D1

This spice bag has made it into my top three favourite spice bags of all time. Which is saying a lot.

At €6.50 it’s plenty for two people sharing. Grab a nice bottle of wine and feel that romance. 

Img 7490

3. The DPC, Dublin Pizza Company

They use Dingle Whiskey cured salami – enough said. 

€11 for a 9″ or €13 for the full 13″. Stuffed. 

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4. Salmon avocado roll, Musashi

Great quality sushi, at an extremely affordable price. Perfect for if you overspent this weekend… like I did. 

The fresh salmon and avocado roll is a mere €6.50 and is so filling, throw a miso soup in there too. 

Img 6945

5. Chicken wings, Saba

If there was ever a day for a nice big bundle of wings – it’s today. Feck it, get two. They won’t go to waste.

Screen Shot 2016 07 17 At 12 53 47

6. Bacon cheeseburger, Rocket’s

If you can’t get into Bunsen, fear not because Rocket’s is actually unreal.

Soft buns, Irish meat cooked to perfection, cheese, bacon, lettuce and as many pickles as you want. They serve crinkle cut fries which never fails to excite my inner child. 

Their condiment station is the stuff of dreams. 

7. Green Curry, Siam Thai

Can’t go wrong with a good curry

It will warm the cockles of your heart. Snuggle up with Netflix or turn on the telly for some mindless watching. 


Siam Thai Green Curry

Food coma, I’m coming for ya.

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