7 Spacious City Centre Bars To Go For Pints After Work Today

Want a seat? Look no further...

Market Bar

We've a feeling a lot of folks will be feeling awfully thirsty this evening, so if you're heading out you'll need to pick a city centre pub with ample seating. 

But where oh where can you find such a haven? Where can you escape the noisy, chair-stealing crowds in this busy city?

One of these spots should suffice.

1. The Market Bar, Fade Street

This trendy spot is very open and airy with high ceilings and plenty of seating. It's a great spot for large groups as their seating is mostly around large tables.

They serve fab tapas too!

2. The Square Ball, Hogan Place

Use the quiet location of The Square Ball to your advantage this Wednesday night and bag yourself a seat for a few quiet ones after work. 

They've a wide range of craft beers to choose from, some top notch pub grub and even Mario Kart to play upstairs.


3. The Foggy Dew, Temple Bar

Don't let this bar's central location fool you – it's often overlooked as a good spot for a cheeky pint. 

If you're looking for an 'old man' pub, then you've come to the right place.

Perfect for a lonely pint.

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8. 4 Dame Lane, Dame Lane

You've got two floors to choose from in this bar, and even with all the seating there's still plenty of room for a bop

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5. The Portobello Bar, South Richmond Street

Located right beside the canal, The Portobello Bar is far enough away from the busy creative quarter to ensure you have somewhere to park yourself tonight. 

Just look at all these free seats:


6. Sin É, Ormond Quay 

The hot music spot Sin É has ample space, it regularly hosts new alternative bands and is always free in. Win-win!

7. The Longstone, Townsend Street 

This is another traditional Irish pub, but with probably the coolest fireplace you've ever seen. It's one of the few pubs left in the city with an open fire, which is exactly what you might need as these evenings get chillier.  

For those nicer days there's also a sizeable beer garden, which is a rare find in city centre pubs.



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