777 To Ditch Mexico And Go Chinese For One Day Only

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I'm a huge fan of the Mexican food in 777 and they actually won our restaurant of the year at Lovin Dublin live. You probably groan when you hear Mexican thinking you know what to expect (food that all tastes the same just folded in different ways) but they absolutely kill it with some of the best cooking in Dublin.

Just to mix things up and fuck with our minds a little they are ditching Mexican for one day only and celebrating the Chinese New Year. The menu is down below so you know what kind of food to expect. If you are looking for me I'll be there throwing all of this into me, I love a bit of proper clean Chinese cooking instead of the curry chip shite we all put up with here in Ireland...


Replacing the normal €7.77 Sunday Menu, this a la carte menu will be composed of 15-20 dishes ranging in price from €7 - €19. There will also be a €40 Tasting Menu Option.

777 will be taking reservations for this very special event.

Expect to taste:

Steamed Oysters with Ginger & Shallot

Sashimi of Tuna with Stone Bass and Modern Dressing

Handmade Dumplings

Chinese Crab Omelette

Black Pepper Chilli Beef

Fried Rice with Lup Chung, Squid, Shitake Mushrooms

Steamed Greens,

Black Sticky Rice, Caramelised Banana & Coconut Sorbet