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29th Jun 2017

A Two-Year-Old Girl Was Taken From Her Buggy In A Dublin Shopping Centre Yesterday

James Fenton

A two-year-old girl was taken from her buggy in the Ilac Shopping Centre in Dublin yesterday afternoon, the Irish Independent is reporting. 

The incident occurred at about 5pm and the girl’s mother Kelsey recounted the horror situation during a call to the FM 104 Phone Show last night:

“This man just walks right in front of Mia and picks her up under her two arms and goes to walk away.

“He thought I was so far away from her that he could just walk away from her…I reacted so fast though and dragged her back away from him.

“It just happened so quickly. It was two seconds and that was it.”

Kelsey recalled that the man, believed to be in his 20s, responded by saying:

“He said ‘I just want to kiss her. She reminds me of my daughter, I just want to kiss her.”

“You hear about these things online and on Facebook, but when it comes to your own doorstep it’s very frightening.”

A Garda spokesperson confirmed that the incident occurred and that statements were taken at the scene.

“CCTV shows that a man picked the child out of a pram and walked a short distance before the mother saw what was happening.

“He then returned with the child.”

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