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04th Dec 2020

A brand new cheese toastie specialist has opened up in Dublin city centre

Rory Cashin

It is tough to imagine anywhere MORE central than this location…

We all go through different rounds of “What are the best [FILL IN DELICIOUS FOOD HERE] in all of Dublin?”

It was chicken wings, then donuts, then burritos, there is always something delicious to argue over, and the one we’ve been hearing a lot about lately is cheese toasties.

They have really made a comeback in the last few years, with more and more people testifying that their local does the very best cheese toastie in the city.

But there is a new addition to this title, and it couldn’t be in a more central, unless it somehow managed to set up shop on the top of the Spire.

Flat Iron Grilled Sandwich Company have set up in the Pillar Bar, right next to the Wax Museum on Westmoreland Street, facing O’Connell Bridge.

They only opened this week, and they offer “cast-iron grilled cheese toasties, excellent coffees, and freshly baked morning pastries”.

Definitely one to check out next time you’re in town…

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