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15th Dec 2020

A brand new desserts shack has arrived in South Dublin

Rory Cashin

Great news for anyone with a sweet tooth!

We have heard the argument that it is too cold out for desserts.

We have heard it, and while everyone is entitled to their opinion, in this case, that opinion is wrong.

So we are very happy to hear about this new desserts shack that has just arrived in South Dublin.

If you happen to be walking by the Igo Inn on Military Road based in Killiney, then it is here you will find The Waffler.

As the name might indicate, they specialise is Bubble Waffles (which are gluten-free!), that you can have with cream or ice cream, and then pack out with the impressive range of sauces and toppings.

However, they also deal in shakes and malts, and they even make “Woofles”, which is a little dog-friendly waffle for your furry friends!

So if you’re out and about in South Dublin and in need of a post-dinner treat (or, indeed, a pre-dinner treat, because 2020 means we deserve treats whenever we want them), then you’ve got a new must-try location.

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