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A Man Is Posing As A Guard To Lure People Into His Car In North Dublin

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A Dublin man is reportedly presenting himself as a member of An Garda Síochána in an attempt to lure people into his car in North Dublin.

Three incidents of such activity have been reported in the past three weeks in Swords, Airside and Balbriggan – however, it is not yet known if the incidents are linked.

According to Dublin Live, one incident took place in an estate in the Swords area last week when a man wearing a school satchel was approached by someone impersonating a member of the gardaí. 

It’s believed that the impersonator believed the man was a school student.

The second case was reported by a woman in Airside, who was again approached by someone claiming to be a garda. The impersonator accused her of dangerous driving and then asked her to enter his vehicle.

The third instance allegedly took place in Balbriggan earlier this month and involved the attempted abduction of a young boy, whose father said he was left “shaking like a leaf” by the experience.

Investigations are ongoing.

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