A Dublin Man May Face Eviction – From A 100 Tonne Minesweeper

He is appealing the High Court's decision


A Dublin man who has faced High Court proceedings to remove him from an allegedly unsafe former minesweeper vessel has appealed the court's decision.

Shane Kennedy has been living on the 'Portisham' boat since 2007 and it has been in Balbriggan harbour since 2010. Fingal County Council informed the electrical engineer that his vessel would not be permitted in any harbour in the area due to its supposedly unsafe condition.

The council brought successful proceedings forth to the High Court to have the unregistered and uninsured vessel scrapped, but Kennedy has appealed this decision. Now the Supreme Court have deferred a final decision on the case.

55-year-old Kennedy bought Portisham for €34,000 in Essex in 2007, it had been decommissioned by the Royal Navy in 1989. He claims to have spent €70,000 on repairs to the boat.

H/T Independent.ie.

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