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21st Jul 2017

A Huge Recruitment Event Is Taking Place Next Week In Dublin

Alana Laverty

Looking for a career change?

Well, you’re in luck my friend, because a huge recruitment event is taking place in Dublin on Monday and the next big on-demand service is looking to recruit as many people as possible. 

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No-H20 is about to change the way we wash cars forever. Something that’s often viewed a task to be put on the long finger, washing your car will soon become an enjoyable experience to be looked forward to.

Instead of driving your motor all the way to the local garage, No-H20 is the car wash that comes to you.  The uber-convenient service is an on-demand car wash app that doesn’t use water. 

Wait, what?

Yeah, seriously, this service is the waterless solution to car washing. 

No-H2O uses no water during cleaning, compared to normal drive-through car washes which can waste an incredible 132 litres of water per wash. 

No-H20 is used by the likes of Hertz, Q-Park, An Post and Topaz.

It’s made from a scratch-free formula which emulsifies the dirt particles. It has a positive charge in the product and with the negative charge from a microfibre cloth, the dirt is encapsulated in the cloth removing the dirt and leaving behind a polished finish unlike any other car wash product available.

Sounds slick, doesn’t it?

And they want you to get involved… so listen up. 

On Monday between the hours of 4pm and 8pm, No-H20 will be out in Beacon South Quarter recruiting a load of Cleaning Operators to work with their team. 

The interviews will be done in a speed-dating style and you’ll be told on the spot whether or not you’ve been successful. 

If so, training will follow. 

The only requirement?

You must have a drivers licence – easy peasy.

Get involved.