A 13-Hour 'Lord Of The Rings' Marathon Will Take Place In The Light House Cinema

Know anybody who'd love a hobbitfest?


The extended edition of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy will be shown at The Light House Cinema on August 27, and you can get your hands on tickets right now.

The first instalment in the trilogy was released 15 years ago this year, so the Smithfield picture house is inviting Tolkien fans to revisit Middle Earth, with all it's stoned hobbits, whiny orcs, and badass talking trees.

The Fellowship Of The Ring will kick off at 12 noon, The Two Towers will begin 4.15pm, and The Return Of The King will be shown at 8.45pm.

Remember though, these are the extended editions, meaning they're even longer than the 3-hour movies you originally saw at the cinema. So if you do go, expect a serious case of sleepy arse.

To get you hyped for the screenings, check out the LOTR extended trilogy's trailer below.

Tickets for the marathon are €25, or you can view the movies individually for €10 a pop (or €8 for student, kids, and seniors). You can only book full passes through the box office or by calling 01 872 8006, but you can buy individual screening tickets online here.

With any luck, this should wash away the memory of The Hobbit trilogy completely.

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