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24th Feb 2021

A new burger and sandwich spot has just opened on the southside

Sarah Finnan

If you go gaga for coffee, sambos or burgers, then this will definitely be of interest. 

New coffee and food spots seem to be cropping up all over the gaff these days and quite simply, we love to see it. An incredibly tough time for the hospitality industry, good news is always welcome and hearing that businesses can still manage to make it work despite the ongoing chaos happening in the world is just the wholesome content we live for these days.

Joining a long list of other new-to-the-block spots, Rude Boy is the latest addition to the Deansgrange food scene. Making sure to cover all three mealtimes, or the main ones at least – though you could definitely double up if you run on the same feeding schedule as Kevin Malone (breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, second lunch, first dinner etc.) – they specialise in coffee, sambos and burgers.

No doubts this little number will be very popular with lunchtime visitors. You might even say it would be rude not to try it…

Open as of 9am this morning, you’ll find them in The Grange Pub car park Wednesdays to Sundays until 9pm – sambos from noon, burgers from 5pm and coffee all day long.

Header image via Instagram/Rude Boy Dublin 

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