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05th Oct 2020

A new coffee spot has just opened near Phoenix Park

Sarah Finnan

coffee spot in Phoenix Park

There’s a new coffee spot right near Phoenix Park – serving up food, treats and rocket fuel to help you reach your daily step goal. 

The largest enclosed urban park in all of Europe, Phoenix Park definitely has its charms – dog spotting at the Áras being a definite highlight.

One thing the place is seriously lacking though is coffee. With only a handful of cafes to choose from, all places are usually very busy so news that there’s now another coffee spot right near Phoenix Park has gone down very well.

Called DASH, they’re not your average coffee shop. Housed in a swanky looking modern shipping container on Blackhorse Avenue by the Hole in the Wall pub, the team has a keen focus on wellness and the local community – promising that they have every intention of hosting exciting “get fit and stay fit activities” throughout the year.

Serving up single-origin hand-roasted coffee, they also have plenty of delish food to keep you going too. Think porridge, pastries, sambos, quiche, cake and ice cream. Sweet, savoury… they got it all.

They even have puppy-cinos to keep your doggo happy while you refuel.

Putting on my walking shoes as we speak. Well, as soon as the rain subsides…

Header image via Instagram/Dash Container

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