A Pub Argument In Dublin Turned Into A Fight Between 30 Men Last Night

That escalated quickly


An argument in a North Dublin pub took a turn for the worst last night as it escalated into a fight that involved 30 men.

The fight broke out after a row between locals and members of the Travelling community reportedly became heated. During the vicious brawl, one man allegedly had a glass smashed over his head and another had his nose bitten.

After a number of minor assaults took place in the pub, many of those involved in the fight spilled into the nearby Moatview Court estate and damaged windows and flower pots belonging to a woman who had no part in the argument.

One source said: "The incidents have led to an increase in tensions in the area and gardaí will have to monitor what is going on."

Gardaí arrived on the scene before anyone was seriously injured and no arrests have been made.

We can't help but be reminded of this...


H/T The Irish Independent.

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