A Walk That You Can Do Hungover, And Is Followed Up By Top-Notch Chicken Wings? Yes Please...

By aidan

October 3, 2018 at 8:58pm


Tibradden Mountain Trail is that nice mix of being doable when slightly hungover, having planned nothing AND rewarding with a sense of having actually done something with your weekend. Win.


I wouldn’t wear Converse but you’ll get away without boots.


It’s well marked so you’re probably okay, but Sheet 50 OSI if you want to be on the safe side.


Less than 5km. Doddle.


3/5 …s’grand

Getting there

Very near Cruagh, regular readers. If you’re coming from town you can head up the Edmonstown Road from Ballyboden, under the M50, past the Merry Ploughboy, up and up until the road takes a sharp turn to the left. It’s on your left. Follow the signs for Zipit.


Tis a fine carpark, but sure it closes at 4.

Actually it’s a great car park because it’s very big and it’s used by Zipit (awesome btw) which means there are plenty of people around to prevent a would-be burglar, for example.


We are following the Red trail, which is actually entirely concurrent with the Dublin Mountain Way at this point. It’s an out and back job. The alternative is walking on a busy enough road with no footpath.

Before you start have a look at Zipit. It’s amazing. Easily the best high ropes course I’ve been on. Go there and take their fun.

The route starts at the back of the car park. It zig-zags up the hill. You can take a short cut if you want. You can see why it was a good place to have a high ropes course as the trees are proper tall like.

The trail we are following cuts across a few paths straight up the hill. The way I like it!

Don’t miss the sign on the tree. Very important.

You’ll soon find yourself out of the woods and out on what feels like a fully fledged mountain.

When you get to the top keep an eye out for this little turn off because…

There’s a prehistoric Cairn!

Maybe I’m a nerd but I think this is awesome. The perfect place to have a respectful picnic. It is believed to be the burial place of Bródáin (Tigh+Bródáin= Tibradden) so pick up after yourself.

The trail continues on until it meets the Wicklow Way. This can take you to Marlay Park (left) or eventually Co Carlow (right).

If you want to get back to your car without walking on the road you have to turn around and head home at some point. It’s worth going on a little bit. I was unable to verify the authenticity of this standing stone so I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

You’re very near the Merry Ploughboy again… so more chicken wings are in order.