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05th Feb 2018

A Staggering Amount Of Civil Servants Have Asked To Be Relocated From Dublin

James Fenton

More than 700 civil servants have requested to be transferred from Dublin, the Irish Times reports. 

Since a new scheme was launched in November, a total of 711 employees of the Civil Service have asked to move to offices outside the capital while only 29 have applied to move in the opposite direction. 

Fianna Fáil TD Éamon Ó Cuív feels that the statistics show a need for a more regionalised Civil Service as spiralling rental costs and other factors are making living in Dublin less attractive.

He said:

“These figures show a large appetite for a move to the regions. Not only is it more affordable; many feel they would have a better quality of life. The spiralling cost of living, combined with unsustainable rental prices and long commutes, is making it less and less attractive for people to continue living in Dublin.

“Ministers need to take note of these figures and realise that the redeployment of Government staff and State agencies to regional and rural towns must be seriously examined and facilitated.”

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