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A Sunshine Tax Is Set To Hit Dublin Cafés And Bars

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A new and controversial sunshine tax could affect Dublin’s outdoor café culture.

”What sunshine?” says you.

According to 98fm, new charges are to be brought in for outdoor catering in the city centre.

Pubs, cafés and restaurants who once paid €50 for the privilege of using outdoor tables and chairs could see that number increase to as much as €500 over the coming months.

Yep, that’s right. Just in time for summer.

Under the newly proposed rules, establishments will be charged an annual fee of €125 for every table and four chairs. Outlets will also have to pay a €635 fee on top of this for street signage. As well as those two, a further €100 fee is charged for licensing.

These new laws could be massively detrimental for Dublin’s booming café culture.

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