An Incredible 12,000 Irish People Showed Their Support For Refugees Along The River Liffey Today

Uplift Ireland are calling for the government to act


An incredible 12,000 Irish people have shown their support for refugees at a rally along the River Liffey today.

The massive figure was revealed by Uplift Ireland, and they've claimed that over 12,000 people have pledged to open their homes to asylum seekers. The campaign organisation are now calling upon Enda Kenny to match these figures.

Uplift Ireland's website says of this campaign:

We’re witnessing the worst humanitarian crisis since the second world war. The scale of the human tragedy is truly shocking.

The government’s response has been dismal. They’ve offered to relocate just 600 people over two years, surely Ireland can do so much more. We need to go all in to get the government to agree to significantly raise this number.

At times like these, it’s hard to know what to do given the scale of what is happening. But these are the moments that define our humanity and as a community this is our opportunity to show leadership.

Today's demonstration aimed to raise awareness about the refugees' plight and strengthen solidarity with them. The meeting point for the assembly was the Dublin Famine memorial at Custom House Quay, to remind those in attendance of our own history as refugees.

Take a look below at some of the scenes from today.

Many of those currently in need of asylum are fleeing conflicts in Northern Africa and the Middle East, primarily Syria. Thousands of refugees are expected to enter Austria and Germany in the coming days.

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