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24th Aug 2020

Anyone named Maggie or Mark can get free pizza in Dublin this week

Sarah Finnan

free pizza

The week is already off to a stunning start for all the Maggies and Marks of the world, or at least those in Dublin anyways, who can bag themselves free pizza all this week courtesy of the Back Page.

A regular offer, each week staff choose two different names to win the alphabet lottery (both starting with the same letter) with the grand prize being a free pizza pie. Now, that’s amore. Free food just tastes better – whether that’s been scientifically proven or not is irrelevant… we all know it to be true.

As always, ID will be required. They didn’t come down in the last shower and unfortunately, crossing your heart and giving them your best puppy dog eyes won’t be enough to convince them you’re called Maggie or Mark so best bring proof just to be sure to be sure.

Lighting a candle that at least one of next week’s names starts with ‘s’ and ends in ‘arah’. Here’s hoping…

Header image via Instagram/The Back Page

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