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Aungier Street Is Shaping Up To Be Dublin's New Foodie Paradise – But What Will Pop Up Next?

By logan

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


We all know by now that that the last thing Dublin is lacking is trendy spots to eat and drink. Regardless, cool new spots and areas to grub seem to keep popping up around the city, as if we NEED more options.

But sure look – bring 'em on. 

Aungier Street has recently creeped up on us in being an unreal strip for mouthwatering food and amazing coffee – all with a bit of unique spin on it. 

From fresh wood-fire oven pizza served out the window in seconds, to the original 'Danger Cone' causing queues out the door, to upside-down takeaway coffee contraptions, we're seeing the trend here – high quality, quick, and fair priced spots with that up and coming hipster vibe. 

In case you've forgotten about the latest spots on Aungier, here's your refresher... 

Img 6418

Dubliners have been notorious for lining up on the streets for that prime time to get the freshest Aungier Danger donut. And the magic all started right here, on Aungier Street. 

We don't blame them, when the gorgeous treats look like this.

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And you can even head next door to sip on a specialty coffee at the new Network Cafe – 3fe-brewed, of course.

Gorgeous interior, simplistic and retro style, and delicious brews, as one would expect, their fruit scones and powdered sugar croissants are so tasty and perfect on the go. 

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Annnnnnd we're not done yet...

If you haven't spotted Dublin Pizza Company on a stroll on Aungier Street, we understand. It's literally a hidden gem that's easy to pass by, but hard to pass up once you've tried it. 

This shop opened just over a month ago, and these guys know what they're doing. In fact, they've built their very own polytunnel near Stoneybatter in which they grow their own organic ingredients.

No bullshit. 

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So what's next?

Well, the answer probably doesn't lie in Dublin – but this is a trend we have seen somewhere before: Brooklyn.

These spots all seem to have that chilled out, authentic vibe famed of the New York borough – rich in creativity, colour, and originality, squarely targeted toward the time-poor millennial crowd (who else would want their pizza served in 'seconds'?). 

And going by that logic...

Well it would have to be pretty fab, wouldn't it? 

Perhaps a trendy thrift shop next door? 

Or a rustic whisky bar – where the whisky is good, but the hot grilled cheeses even better. Noorman's Kil in downtown Brooklyn has that magic down to the T. 

I'd fancy a chicy cocktail bar with a bit of character and a couple of booths out front to watch the world pass by. 

But while that may be wishful thinking, one thing that'll definitely fit in somewhere along here is a proper, rustic brunch spot with a nice outdoor garden (even if it's on a roof) – with dogs welcome. The Rabbithole in Greenpoint have absolutely nailed this.

I could even see this vegan food truck popping up on the reg. Better luck, a vegan ice cream truck, as you'd see on Bedford Avenue. 

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So, what's next in store for us, Aungier Street? 

You've our expectations through the roof at this point...


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