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20th Dec 2016

Bad News For Coffee Lovers On Leeson Street


If you live or work near Leeson Street, then we have some pretty disappointing news for you: the branch of Peacock Green there has closed.

Now thankfully it’s only temporary, with a sign on the gate saying the branch will be out of commission for “approximately one month” – and reminding customers that there is another branch just a short walk away.

But a month is a long time to go without those amazing brekkies, top-notch hot chocolates or indeed their coffee. Particularly as the immediately nearby options are now limited to a Sol on Hatch Street, and a Starbucks further down towards the canal – neither of which would be renowned for their food.


Miss you already xox

Thankfully the branch in the old Harcourt Street railway station is still operating, so you can still get your fix there – but it leaves Leeson Street woefully underserved north of the canal, aside from a smattering of decent options by the junction with the Green (we’re looking at you, Emer).

Peacock Green also has branches on Lord Edward Street, and Elm Park on the Merrion Road, which opened recently.

And to be fair this branch was in need of TLC, and it’s great to see owners invest in their premises – particularly when the turnover is so high, and it would be easy to just take the money and keep quiet. So let’s hope the construction team isn’t put off by the lack of decent coffee in the area, and get this job done nice and quickly.