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08th May 2018

Uh Oh – Drinking Along Grand Canal During Good Weather May Be Coming To An End

Darragh Berry

What’s rare is beautiful and sunshine in Ireland during the summer is something that happens very seldom but is absolutely gorgeous when it does. 

And, it’s no secret that there’s only one place to be in the capital when that small yellow thing is in the sky.

‘The Barge’ has given us some fantastic moments. After all, what’s better than pictures of hundreds of people drinking cans in the sun while some absolute looper decides to somersault into the canal?

What’s not beautiful, however, is the disgraceful state that the Canal has been left in in the past because of these rare occasions

It got so bad over the Bank Holiday, that Portobello Locals had to “barricade roads” in order to prevent people from drinking.

If the weather stays like this throughout the summer, there could be occasions happening like this three or four times a week but these latest revelations from a local councillor could mean that it’s finally the start of the end for Canal drinking during good weather. 

Labour Councillor, Mary Freehill – a resident of Grand Canal – said that people drinking alcohol along Dublin’s Grand Canal is “something we cannot allow to continue”. 

She told The Irish Times that people were leaving litter behind and urinating in public in the area.

“It does require a much more co-ordinated effort on the part of the gardai and to recognise that it is an issue that actually has to be dealt with.”

“There’s been drugs there as well, I’m afraid. What really concerns me about this is when you have a group of people consuming a lot of alcohol around very deep water, people may not realise that is an accident waiting to happen. It’s something we cannot allow to continue.”

She is due to raise the issue at the next Dublin South East Area Committee.

Definitely something to keep an ear out for if you’re one of the many revellers who likes tipping down to the Grand Canal for a few cans in the sunshine. 

And if you are one of those revellers, bin or bring home any rubbish that’s yours, or else you’ll ruin the fun for good for the rest of us.  

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