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31st Dec 2016

Behold: The Soundest Dublin Bus Driver Ever

Alana Laverty

Anyone who has ever struggled to get a buggy, another person or even just a suitcase on to a bus will understand this struggle.

It ain’t easy – especially on busy Dublin buses where you’re trying to manoeuvre around everyone without getting in people’s ways, putting your stuff away and getting ready for take off – it can be exhausting

*slow clapping begins*

That’s where total hero Mark Devereux comes in. 

He helped a mammy Friday evening by holding her baba while she folded and put away their buggy. 

Mark has previously won 98FM’s Best Bus Driver award. 

Mark was recognised on Twitter by his passengers after Veronica’s tweet and was praised to the heavens. 

Faith in humanity restored? Yup. 

Fair play Mark. 

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