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24th Apr 2018

Bertie Ahern Reveals Real Truth Behind That Controversial Interview

Darragh Berry

It was described at the weekend as an interview that you just know you’ll end up seeing on ‘Reeling In The Years’ when they cover the year 2018.

In case you missed it, we’ll give you a breakdown.

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern sat down for an interview with Conflict Zone, a political show on German Television. 

Both Bertie and the host were talking about the Good Friday Agreement, which recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary, and Ahern thought that the Agreement would be the main (and only topic) up for discussion. 

He was wrong and things took an uncomfortable turn when the interviewer asked Ahern about the Mahon Tribunal and its findings…

You can watch that awkward (albeit great television) moment here.

Well, Bertie has broken his silence about that interview 

Speaking to The Irish Examiner, Ahern states that the interviewer failed to honour the terms of their talk.

“I had about 20 minutes,” said Mr Ahern. “They [the show] said clearly it was the Good Friday Agreement and that they’d throw in a bit about Brexit and that was it.

“They made it absolutely clear they were broaching nothing except Brexit and that [the agreement]. It was very clear, it was the Good Friday Agreement and then they said some questions on Brexit and then they actually said if there was anything else, they would send another email, which they never did.”

“I stood up, I shook hands with him [Mr Sebastian],” said Mr Ahern. “There was no row, argument. And then they sent it off trying to get publicity for themselves.

“It was very clear, my offices were very annoyed with them because I only have one person in the office. I went out of my way, broke my neck to do it for them. They just didn’t honour what was agreed.”

Was the interviewer still right to go down that path or has Bertie answered those questions in enough depth already? Let us know in the comments.

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