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16th Aug 2020

Blackrock restaurant celebrates ‘buzzy and busy dinner service’ over the weekend

Sarah Finnan

It can all feel a bit doom and gloom at the moment with many businesses in the hospitality industry struggling to stay afloat amidst the current restrictions.

Every now and then a good news story pops its head above the noise though, reminding us that there are still reasons to smile – and hearing of restaurants that are flourishing despite it all is certainly cause for celebration.

A new addition to the Blackrock area, Volpe Nera only opened in early December last year. Faced with all the usual struggles one might expect when starting a new business, the team has also had to deal with the added pressures that a global pandemic brings with it… certainly not something any of us ever anticipated.

Handling the past few months as best they could, they reopened to the public on July 10th – welcoming customers back in with open arms ever since. While many restaurants have been crying out for bookings, it sounds like Volpe Nera is one of the luckier ones.

Though operating at a reduced capacity and with less table turnover, the team has enjoyed several “buzzy and busy” dinner services since reopening.

Thanking all their “fantastic” customers for showing them some love, they’re hoping back open for lunch again today with owners saying that they’re “hoping to finish the week on a high”.

Header image via Instagram/Volpe Nera

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