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21st Jun 2021

Boozeshakes are a thing and here’s where you can get one!

Fiona Frawley

Milkshakes? Cocktails? Why don’t you put those two hands together, my friend.

Milkshakes are delicious, but as Irish people we know everything is better with alcohol. But don’t go pouring a naggin into your maccy D’s shake just yet, the professionals have taken care of this one for us:

The Big Romance in Dublin 1 have just launched these two tasty new creations, the Keylime Pie Margarita with tequila, cointreau, biscuit, lime and salted biscuit rim (we’re seriously intrigued by the role biscuits have to play in this beverage) and the 1661 Belfast Coffee with bán poitín, coffee, kahlua and nutmeg. Both blended with a base of indulgent, refreshing milkshake. Kelis found shaking. These bad boys are available for takeaway now and will be served onsite when the Big Romance reopens again soon.

Header image via Instagram/The Big Romance 

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