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08th Nov 2020

Bored? A free online ‘molecular cocktail’ class will cure that

Sarah Finnan

molecular cocktail class

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Are you bored in the house and you’re in the house bored? I feel ya. Lockdown 1.0 seems to have exhausted my list of activities and I find myself staring into space at a loss for things to do all too often this time around. Really wish I kept up some of the hobbies I used to do as a child… I’d be far better at keeping myself entertained if I did.

If you’re in need of a fun distraction, might I suggest a molecular cocktail class?

Organised as part of Science Week (November 8th-15th), the class is usually one of the workshops run at the Cool Planet Experience Centre in Powerscourt, Co Wicklow. Moving the fun online this year, the team has decided to make it a free event so people can still get involved from home.

What exactly is a molecular cocktail class though?

A hands-on workshop, throughout the 20-minute class, you’ll learn how to use molecular mixology techniques to create edible polymer capsules. I know, I know – that’s a lot of science terminology right there. In simple terms, you’ll find out how to make fancy decorations to dress up your home cocktail. Think mojito spheres, espresso martini drops and strawberry daiquiris.

Register for the class by this coming Wednesday (November, 11th) and organisers will send you out a free kit so you can join in from home. Places are limited though so snap to it!

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