Bread 41 giving out free starter kits and recipes so you'll never be without bread

By Sarah Finnan

March 13, 2020 at 2:40pm


The best thing since sliced bread.

Bread 41 has been on Dubliners' radars for quite some time now. A popular fixture on Pearse Street, it's where many go to get their daily carbohydrate fill.

Though loved the world over, there are very few who hold bread in such high esteem as the Irish - it's usually the first port of call on the weekly shopping list. But with people concerned about staying in as much as possible, and the local grocery shop shelves becoming ever sparser, we may have to come up with more practical ways of getting our fix.

Fear not though... the aisles may be empty but you'll always have fresh bread thanks to the guys at Bread 41.

Posting to Instagram, they wrote:


"To ensure you have bread at a time like this why not consider making your own. Bread41 will give you free starter and a recipe to get you going... so you never run out of real bread. Open till 9pm tonight so drop in".

Having done a bread-making class at Bread 41 myself, I can attest that it's far easier than I expected so don't be put off.

Your loaf may not win you star baker but it will certainly do the job for a cheese toastie with all the trimmings... and sure don't we have plenty of time to perfect the process anyway.

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