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23rd Aug 2018

Britney Had A Very Embarrassing Moment In This Dublin Store After Her Concert

Darragh Berry

As you already probably know by now, Britney was in town during the week and caused an absolute storm when she was seen buying a few bits in this Dublin Shopping Centre.

Fans and locals alike couldn’t believe that the Queen of Pop was in there shopping centre and some cursed about the fact that they had meant to go that day but decided against it.

“Just heard Britney Spears was shopping in Swords today and I’m fucking pissed i wasn’t there… I’M ALWAYS FUCKING THERE….”

Well, you weren’t there on the day that really mattered though, were you? The chances of a music icon rocking into a Dublin shopping centre unattended again is unlikely for a while.

Did she just collect jeans and a few nice tops or did she go all out? We’re not entirely sure but she did have an awkward enough encounter while she was in H&M.

While paying for her stuff she was trying to be all mysterious in the hope that nobody would know who she was.

Not happening, Brit.

“BRITNEY SPEARS came into work today and casually bought a load of H&M stuff and one of the girls turned around and said to her ‘did anyone ever tell you you look a lot like Britney??’

“Hahahha the poor gal was just like ‘oh yeah I get that a lot’ proper trying to hide who she is.”

Honestly Britney, you shouldn’t try to hide who you are because you’re very lucky.

In fact, we think she’s so lucky, she’s a star but she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart.

That’s just our opinion anyway.

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