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Broke? Grab Lunch For Two At These 5 Places For Less Than €15

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Want to eat like a king and not feel like a pauper afterwards?

We’ve got the scoop on all the best places around Dublin where you can get your foodie fix for two on a budget.

1. Boojum

If it’s value for money that you’re looking for then Boojum is the answer. Their burrito bowls are a wonder, super tasty and super cheap at just over €6. Need we say more…


2. Wowburger

Located in the Workman’s Club, this quirky spot is great when you’re in need of a greasy meal. Their burgers are to die for and at only a fiver it won’t set you back too much either.


3. KC Peaches

They salads in KC Peaches are not only gorge, they’re also wonderfully filling, and at only €7 they’re pretty reasonable. 

Located near Stephen’s Green, you can take it to go and have a cute lunch for two in the park. Just mind the seagulls – they’re vicious.

Kc Peaches

4. Mushashi

If you’re in need of some great sushi then look no further than Mushashi. Conveniently located in the IFSC, their salmon avocado rolls are some of the best around and only cost €7. Bargain or what?


5. The Art Of Coffee

For delicious sandwiches and fab coffee, The Art of Coffee has you covered. Their toasties will only set you back a fiver, while their soup and sandwich deal for €7 is pretty tempting too.

Art Of Combo

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