Bujo Is Introducing A Range Of Flexitarian And Plant-Based Burgers From Next Week

Perfect timing

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It's the third day of January and most of us are still easing ourselves in to our New Year health kicks. By easing ourselves in, we meaning "not started yet at all" because everyone knows that the New Year doesn't really start until the first weekend is over. Right?

With that in mind, Sandymount burger joint Bujo couldn't have timed their limited edition range any better. The restaurant has announced that it will be introducing plant-based and flexitarian burgers from next week for a limited time only.

A post on Instagram reads: "BuJo’s Culinary Director @grainne43 has been working away on several Limited Editions launching next week including brand new plant-based & flexitarian burgers."

The range will include vegan and veggie burgers (with a vegan bun), a kale & raw veggie bowl, a 'BeefRoot Burger' (15% beetroot, 15% quinoa and 70% beef) and, most excitingly, a 2019 limited edition 'Top Secret' burger.

So it seem the seaside is the place to be next week. Until then, enjoy your last few days of gluttony.

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