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23rd Mar 2021

Calling all plant parents – This Dublin café is giving away free compost 

Sarah Finnan


Them bones, them bones need calcium… but them plans, them plants? They need water, TLC and some good compost. The first two are on you, but one of our fave Dublin coffee spots can definitely help you out with the latter.

Well on their way to becoming as sustainable and low-waste as possible, Alma has just gone one step further – thinking up a way to prolong the life of their used coffee grounds just that little bit longer. Lost? I’ll let them explain it.

“Spring is here and dad’s been busy preparing these bags of ground coffee leftovers!

“We know a lot of you are keeping busy doing some gardening during this time of the year, so we thought it would be a good idea to reuse it this way.

“From now on, we have free coffee compost bags available for anyone during the weekends! Just pop in and take yours.”

Exactly what our little angels need to grow big and strong… coffee grounds for them, Alma’s dulce de leche iced coffee for us. Now, that’s a win-win if ever I heard one.

Header image via Instagram/Alma Café

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