Capital Collective - What's Your Favourite Restaurant And Why?


We always harp on about our favourite restaurants on this site, but we wanted to know yours so photographer Derek Kennedy took to the streets to ask some Dubs where their favourite restaurant was...

Darren Wolsey, 31, Belfast

777 because of the great atmosphere, amazing cocktails and the food especially. It's innovative modern Mexican food that's fresh and flavoursome.


Meabh O'Connor, 20, Kilkenny

Gourmet Burger in Temple Bar, it's where a lot of other students go, the burgers are really good, service is great and the prices are reasonable.


Shannon Fox, 18, Castleknock

Nandos, because I love chicken and it's the best chicken around.


Evie Harrison, 18, Wicklow 

Fire restaurant at the mansion house because the experience is really nice, the waiters are very attentive and the food was out of this word. Absolutely amazing, love it.


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Emma Kenneally

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