Check Out These Brilliant Traffic Light Boxes Turned Works Of Art From Dublin Canvas

We can look forward to a lot more art on our streets in the coming months


Dublin Canvas is back, and it's transforming dreary traffic light control boxes into works of art across our city.

In case you missed our Dublin Canvas piece a few weeks ago, the project began as a pilot Beta Project commissioned by Dublin City Council in 2013. It is community street art project whose main goal is to make the city more beautiful.

The project initially painted 15 traffic light control boxes in the Dublin South East area and this time around they could potentially transform far more boxes into colourful and stunning displays.

Dave Murtagh, Project Co-Ordinator of Dublin Canvas had this to say of the project:

Dublin Canvas is an idea, a project intended to bring flashes of colour and creativity to everyday objects in the city. Less grey, more play. The project takes previously unused public space and transforms it into canvases to help brighten up the city. Making Dublin a more beautiful place to live, work and visit.

Dublin Canvas has 15 artists working on 15 boxes at present. Five in the Camden Street area, five in the Baggot Street area and five in Rathmines area. A further five will pop up in Ranelagh as part of the Ranelagh Arts Festival.

In addition a further five in each of the following areas to be completed by November: Terenure, Donnybrook, Sandymount and Ringsend. A further 40 boxes are hoped to spread out from city centre on the Northside of Dublin.

The Project Co-Ordinator is pleased to describe the response from the public and from local business owners to these public artworks as "fantastic."

The project is still very much in its infancy but I am not going to stop until Dublin Canvas is the biggest community art project in Dublin. Although, it may not be until next year that it happens.

Dave Murtagh

To see some of the artworks that Dublin Canvas has produced in the past few weeks, you can check them out below.


Pic: 'The Sheares Brothers' by Hugh Madden


Pic: 'The Sheares Brothers' by Hugh Madden


Pic: 'I'm Sticking With You' by Ruan van Vliet


Pic: 'I'm Sticking With You' by Ruan van Vliet


Pic: 'Música On The Box' by Shalom Costa


Pic: 'Música On The Box' by Shalom Costa


Pic: 'Behind The Leaves' by Harriet Browne


Pic: 'Behind The Leaves' by Harriet Browne


Pic: 'Hold Me Close' by Anna Doran


Pic: 'Hold Me Close' by Anna Doran

This run of Dublin Canvas will last until November. If you'd like to get involved with this project, any artist can register their details with Dublin Canvas here.

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