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20th Dec 2016

Cool New Café Dedicated To Board Games To Open In Dublin


There’s been a rise in quirky yet specific cafés popping up recently with a cereal-dedicated café opening in Shoreditch in London, the crisp sambo café in Belfast, and Tokyo even have their own Owl Café at this point. So it’s no surprise that Dublin is going to be getting its first Board Game Café very soon..

While we have a few pubs around the city with a handful of board games, there’s not really a location that is entirely dedicated to them. The Board House Game Café hopes to bridge this gap, by providing a space with tons of board games where people can spend a few hours gaming. From a post on Reddit earlier today, it seems that they would hope to provide food and drink for purchase, and that there would be a small cover charge on the door. They would also have staff known as ‘gamer gurus’ who would help out with suggestions of games, and showing customers how to play certain games. We think it sounds like a pretty awesome idea and would definitely be a very fun place to have a few scoops!

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