Could This Be Dublin's Most Instagrammable Park?

This place looks STRAIGHT out of a Disney film

Memorial Rose Garden Pond

Everyone knows Dublin has some of the lushest city parks in the entirety of the country.

You've got Stephen's Green and Iveagh Gardens in the centre, Herbert and Marley Park down South, Blackrock and The People's Park by the seaside, the gorgeous St. Anne's Park up North - and that's not even half of them.

However, there's one park that is often neglected by city dwellers, left sitting peacefully out to the West - The Irish National War Memorial Gardens.

Tucked away right behind Heuston Station in Islandbridge and neighboring a particularly lovely spot on the Liffey, the gardens were erected in 1940 in honor of the 49,400 Irish soldiers who lost their lives in the Great War.

We think the beauty and tranquility of this place certainly brings justice to this lovely memorial spot.

Did we mention the roses? The vines? The general luscious floral ambiance that will have you wanting to simultaneously burst into song and have an epic selfie session?

The photo opportunities in this place are limitless and your Instagram is bound to be crackin' after a visit to this beauty.

Also an excellent place for a picnic, an outdoor medication sesh, a bit of tanning (in our dreams) and a jaunt with your furry friends.

This time of year it is particularly beautiful, and absolutely worth the trek.

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