Crazy Scenes On Grafton Street As Fans Queue Overnight For Kanye 'Yeezeboost' Shoes

Bit of a fuss, wha?

Kanye West was busy entertaining 170,000 fans over at Glastonbury last night – but at the same time, right here in Dublin, throngs of people were queuing up overnight to get their hands on a pair of shoes from his new line.

If you want proof of just how big the Kanye brand is becoming across the globe, look no further.

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The shoes cost more than €300, and some of these lads had been there for 24 hours to make sure they got their feet on a pair.

This man knows how to build a brand...


The shoes which cost over €300 are already sold out across the world.

Here is what all the fuss was about...

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If you prefer Kanye's music here is some of his set last night headlining Glastonbury