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22nd Sep 2018

VIDEO: Footage Emerges Of Taxi Driver Allegedly Knocking Over Cyclist On Purpose In Dublin

Darragh Berry

Gardaí are currently investigating an incident that took place in the early hours of Thursday morning involving a cyclist and a taxi in Dublin.

Video footage shows a cyclist accusing a taxi driver of knocking him down on purpose.

The video has been shared on YouTube by user José Jiménez and names the driver in question who allegedly intentionally knocked him over.

The cyclist gets hit, falls to the ground, gets back up and goes up to the taxi driver’s window to confront him.

The description of the video on YouTube states:

[The Driver] “doesn’t like being told not to tailgate cyclists and deliberately hits me, later claiming it was an accident and leaving me behind”. When confronted by the cyclist, the taxi driver can clearly be heard saying: “It was an accident.”

Gardaí say they are aware of the incident and are currently investigating it.