A Danish IKEA-Style Store Coming To This Dublin Location

This is going to be extremely popular.

Georges Street June

Exciting news for all of you DIY lovers.

It has been confirmed that a new danish home and craft chain will open on August 3rd called Sostrene Grene will replace one of Dublin's most famous shops.

It is coming to South Great George's Street and will take up residency which was once held by the famous Waltons music shop.

The Irish Times is reporting that the rent of the shop will cost around €260,000 and will be around 565sqm.

It already has five stores in Ireland and they are located in Dún Laoghaire, Blanchardstown, Athlone, Cork and Limerick.

Sostrene Grene translates as 'Green Sisters' and has more than 160 stores worldwide.

Established in 1973, two elderly Grene sisters, Anna and Clara, created a chain of retail stores that would help people find beauty and happiness for their homes.

"Walking into one of these stores is meant to feel like entering an oasis where, at least for a moment, shoppers can take a break from the hectic pace of everyday life. In this way, the sisters seek to set the stage for wonderful experiences and joyful moments."

Waltons closed its doors for the last time in February. They said on their Facebook at the time that:

"Times are changing and we must change with them.

"The reason for this move is to restructure our business in a way that we will be able to offer our customers the best music choices possible at the best prices in the future.

"With the ever rising costs of doing business in the city centre we need to make sure that our cost base does not make us uncompetitive."

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