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20th Dec 2016

Do We Have A New Record For Dublin’s Most Expensive Pint?


Just when you think Dublin is getting back to being a great city with more affordable food and a real cafe culture emerging along comes a reminder of the bad old days. We recently shared the 7.40 pint in Oliver St John Gogartys and while we thought that was bad it would appear that the original “The Temple Bar” have decided to raise the bar even further. The round below is a shocker. We could probably just about live with the price of the pint if it was late at night and we’d already had six or seven but the price of the crisps? Unfortunately this is one of the first places tourists will stop while in the city and this is a horrible price for them to be paying. You can use the same old arguments about them having high rents, it being more of a nightclub late at night and it being a free world and all but this is pushing it. It makes us wonder how long before we see the first 10 Euro pint in Dublin? Shocking

The Rip Off